Wednesday 19 January 2011

Imelda had her shoes...

It's no secret that one of my favourite things is to hand over pictures of the Queen in exchange for strips of cloth with which to cover my nakedness.

Since arriving in this country, I've put in some serious hours perfecting my technique; when
winter rolled up her sleeves and got stuck in, my training really went into overdrive.

For obvious reasons, the Poms give good coat; which is why every time I leave the house, I find
it impossible not to add to my growing collection of outer-ware. This is my favourite, a grey and brown number from Topshop that I saved 30 quid by buying on sale. Check out the cool zip detail on the front and back...

This textured yellow number from Laura Ashley (via a vintage charity shop - so even cheaper) also makes the corners of my mouth turn up

I love this brown one from Zara so much, it's almost indecent

This black pleated Ben Sherman coat was bought on sale in London a few months back

This quilted jobbie is strictly for weekends but is like being encased in a duvet
And here are the stragglers that I either brought over with me, or that have inveigled their way into my wardrobe since I've been here

The Animator has now declared a Fatwa against the purchase of any more coats. But what he doesn't know....

In your face, cold weather.

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