Wednesday 5 January 2011

Is this day over yet?

It should come as no surprise, but my synapses don’t want to fire after a 12.5 hour flight, three hour layover in Chicago, two hour drive and five hours sleep.

Now wearing my tiredness/jet-lag hat and praying to Baby Jesus that my boss will send me home early. Sadly, with a magazine due at the printer in two days, I'm pretty much on a hiding to nothing with that one.

My thoughts seems to be falling through my mind with no intention of making it to my fingers - which is pretty convenient seeing as I have almost lost the ability to type. But guess I'm not entitled to complain when I had such a great holiday and this is part and parcel of what you sign up for when you trip around the globe.

Still, no-one will have embraced 5.00pm more riotously than I will today...

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