Friday 21 January 2011

Things I didn't know this time last week

  1. Dancing with gay boys to bad 80s music at one of Bristol's dodgiest clubs does a cracking night out make

  2. An Aussie helped the former King of England to speak English; oh the irony

  3. Falafel burgers from GBK are bluddy yummy – and filled with good proteiny type things

  4. Writing dreary stories about cloud computing CAN make one's eyes bleed

  5. Running three lunchtimes in a row probably doesn't negate the bar of Fairtrade chocolate scoffed in a fit of PMS-induced comfort eating while watching The Wire

  6. Sarah Palin is an idiot. Glenn Beck even more so (okay, so the whole planet already knew that but it was a slow week, so cut me some slack)

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