Tuesday 8 February 2011

If I had half as much chutzpah as this old lady...

You can imagine it, can't you: you're sitting around, planning to rip off the jewellers on the High Street.

Got balaclava? Check. Getaway Vespas? Check. Baseball bats and a large bag in which to spirit away the booty? Check and check.

Imagine your heist will be foiled by a sprightly 70-year-old and her handbag? Maybe not...

I almost spat out my dinner tonight while watching the news. How BLUDDY AMAZING is this plucky old bird who did what no-one else dared to do this morning in Northampton?

I hope the woman widely referred to as A Total Waste of Space, Time and Taxpayer's Funds (aka HRH The Queen) invites super granny to tea. Her jaunty red coat will go down a treat at Buck Palace.

Click here to watch super granny go:


  1. Bluddy plucky old dear not available on video but good to hear you are missing the kiwi weather - we've had it all this year up north - cyclonic winds, big rain to drown in, humidity to match the amazon jungle and heat to sear eggs in... My days of leisure are such that I'm actually clearing my bookmarks - well, how more immediate or useful can such an occupation be? I've no work until later in the month, I've had my swim and walk for the day, and I've made the Ottolenghi meal for tonight... Well, okay, I could be cleaning the silver or washing windows!!

    Hey, miss you here... come back for a sabbatical xx Susan from Waipu

  2. Buggar - because it's ITV news it must be operable in the UK market alone...sorry. And its not on YouTube either. Basically, its this fantastic woman who sees these thugs bashing at the windows of a jewellers with baseball bats and lots of people watching and doing nothing (including the bloke who filmed it all on his phone) and so she runs across the road and smashes the robbers over the head with her handbag. They take fright and try to get away but fall off their scooters...only then do other bystanders get involved. She is a legend.

    Your day sounds idyllic - sigh.....and might be back after the UK summer. Not keen to do another winter here. SSx



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