Wednesday 2 February 2011

A cold Tuesday in Cardiff

Every so often, the invisible wee bloke who lives on my shoulder leans forward and whispers a single word in my ear: “Why?”

Today, he was practically apoplectic.

That's because instead of spending the day stapled to the office heater, as is my usual fashion, a colleague and I schleped over to Wales to give our Cardiff outpost a presentation on our new strategic PR approach.

Which wasn't all bad, and the sales boys expressed the right level of interest and asked relevant questions (most of which had to be translated for me, such is the treacle-thickness of their accents). And, of course, it was nice to look at four different walls but holy crap, it was cold across the Severn. The kind of bone-aching, windpipe-crushing cold that takes stupid amounts of hot tea and toasted panini to overcome.

Am currently trying to formulate a business plan to get to some of our offices in warm places such as Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. Probably about as much chance of that as there is of convincing the Egyptian government to play nice, but God loves a trier, eh?

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