Wednesday 16 March 2011

Good things that happened today

  1. On my lunchtime run, I met quite the biggest dog I have ever seen. He made Molly look like a field mouse. But both the mastiff and his owner were gentle wee souls and he let me cuddle him (the dog, that is, not the owner) without getting a skerrick of giant-dog drool on me.

  1. The latest issue of NEXT magazine, a glossy publication I used to write for in NZ, plopped onto my doormat. Even though I haven't written for them in a while, my freebie copy still religiously follows me across the globe. Nice to read about amazing Kiwi women achieving great things and looking great in a country that is closest to my heart.

  1. We filmed a 'Happy Birthday' video for the Animator's oldest sister's upcoming milestone.

  1. Spent all day rocking out to 'Gaydar', the UK's hilariously named largest gay radio station. Those boys and girls sure like their high octane dance tunes.

  1. Got some very, very good news (hint: it concerns planes and exotic locations – and no money changing hands). Can't say anything yet, though. Hark at me, being all mysterious and coy....

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