Thursday 31 March 2011

A travesty

Me to colleague: “Have you heard they’re filming Miss Marple but are going to rewrite it with a hot, 30-year-old lead character played by Jennifer Garner? And it’s going to be relocated from a charming British village to some rubbish American location.”

Colleague: “You are joking? That’d be f*ckin Disney for you.”

You heard it right, the venerable old English detective is being sexed up by a bunch of Yanks who have about as much interest in honouring the classics as they have in locating any major European city on a map.

Whoever cast Garner, whose career highlights include ‘Dude Where’s My Car?’ and ‘Elektra’, as the tweed-loving, spinsterish Marple, needs a good slap.

What’s next, Disney? Justin Bieber as Inspector Morse? Charlie Sheen as Sherlock Holmes? The very essence of Miss Marple’s character is her experience and age. Hollywood's airbrushing of elderly folk in their scramble for the ‘youth’ dollar is, as the UK press is calling it, a travesty.

Either this is an ill-timed April’s Fools Day hoax or these people are seriously taking the piss.

Big fat boycott, I say….

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