Thursday 3 March 2011

So this is what sunshine feels like...

I'd like to introduce you to the sun, as I have been gazing at it an awful lot lately. To my peeps in the UK, please don't hate me BUT it is so gloriously sunny and warm in Southern Cali that I have almost lost my mind (the pic above is the OTT hotel we are staying in).

Yesterday I had lunch with a colleague from our New York office - outside! But even more astounding was that I dined whilst wearing (drum-roll please) a sleeveless top! Only a rare flash of commonsense stopped me from whipping out my bathing suit and jumping in the outdoor pool (well that and the fact that a) I didn't bring my togs, and b) I didn't want to scare the locals).

Oh sunshine, you have been gone from my life for far too long. I wish you would pull up a chair and stay awhile but I know that's about as likely as Victoria Beckham eating a steak and kidney pie.

The Animator tells me that he played football in Bristol last night in sub zero temperatures. I, however, am choosing not to dwell on that fact, lest it seriously dents the silver lining kick I am currently on.

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