Tuesday 26 April 2011


I had hoped to make my Southern Hemisphere friends hate me with the heat of a thousand suns by publishing pics of us cavorting in glorious Mediterranean spring weather.

Alas, the Animator forgot the thingy that converts his photos from raw footage to normal pics so there shall be no photos until we get back.

Words will have to do: Easter Sunday and Monday have passed pleasantly. We have only been on the cute-as-a-button Maltese island of Gozo for a day and already we have met the local restaurant/vineyard owning mafia and dined with a dodgy Australian mining scion who may, or may not, have been on the run from the authorities.

Today we played chicken with the traffic when we walked to the capital, Victoria (or Rabat, as the locals prefer) where we clambered over a 14th Century citadel, saw wild globe artichokes the size of bread plates and made the acquaintance of some local dogs at the aforementioned vineyard.

The only downside has been the spring breezes which are playing havoc with the Animator's hay fever. Dispensing some much-needed medication, a pharmacist told us that the wind was coming from nearby Libya, bringing with it dust and pollen. It's a shock to realise just how close we are to that troubled nation.

Tonight, the Mama of the charmingly run-down pensione we are staying at has invited us to dinner. She has promised us fresh fish, salad and pasta. To say I am excited is like saying Pavarotti was partial to carbs. Particularly as this is the same woman who served the Animator a wedge of her delicious Tiramasu for breakfast. Holiday decadence at its best.

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