Saturday 30 April 2011


Today we we visited Mdina, the hauntingly beautiful city that has been around since oh, about the 13th Century. It looks as though it hasn't been dusted since.

But the weather was scorchio and we had a fantastic time. And, most importantly, as avowed Republicans, we managed to avoid THAT wedding. Although the cafe where we lunched was screening CNN (can someone tell me why a reporter of Anderson Cooper's calibre was reduced to covering such fripperies?) and I have to admit to a smile when I sighted the Sarah Burton-designed dress. Truly lovely, it was. It gives me hope that English women will now realise you DON'T have to get your tits out to look 'good'; that sometimes, just sometimes, discretion is the far classier option. Reporting on the dress, one reporter predicted that wedding dresses everywhere will be sporting long sleeves from now on. Hmmm, he's obviously never been to Bristol.

In other news, today I discovered traditional Maltese 'bones' cakes which are pretty much the lovechild of lemon drizzle cake and almond paste. They are now my new best friends. So much so, I am starting to think about elasticated trousers in a good way...

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