Tuesday 5 April 2011

I don't like Mondays

Apologies to Bob Geldof, but today was a pitiful downward spiral into the vortex of suck. I haven't had such a rubbish Monday for a long time (probably since the last horrible contract I did in Bristol. Actually, every single second of every day there was shit which probably rules it out of contention).

Anyway, today I researched and wrote two-and-a-half media releases, tried to arrange a catch up with a mate in Dubai while I'm there next week and went for a lunchtime run. But it all felt like doing backstroke in fast-setting concrete.

The one high point was this wee gem from the Guardian which did amuse me: New York fashion executive Thomas Horodecki is reportedly suing his employer, designer Elie Tahari, for more than a million quid for the 'anguish' and 'depression' caused by having to commute through an unstylish area of New Jersey once a week. And no, it's not left over from April Fool's Day, either.

Totally apropos of nothing but a quick shout-out to my good mate Debbie who is having some much-needed but yucky surgery in Welly today. Hope it all goes well hon and that your recuperation up north is suitably restful. Thinking of you....

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