Monday 4 April 2011

Things I discovered this weekend

  • Bristol's Gloucester Road has recently been named one of the last remaining high streets in Britain that hasn't been devoured by evil chain stores.

  • What it does have are cool charity shops where my brain almost liquified from the sample Banana Republic stock.

  • American Crew leave-in conditioner makes your hair look as though you haven't washed it for a week.

  • Watery eggs and chewy white toast with the nutritional value of toilet paper does not a good breakfast make. Blue Lagoon Cafe, I want my money back.

  • Inadvertently smiling at someone must, in some circles, constitute an invitation to join them. Especially if you're a lunatic, middle-aged alcoholic woman who appears to be on day release from a cult.

  • Saturday afternoon's interview with a local chef/deli owner may well be the least exciting interview of my career.

  • Quorn sweet and sour ready meals are shit!!! So horrendous, in fact, that I am perfectly justified in my use of three exclamation marks.

  • My colleague Ben has probably THE most angelic children on the planet.

  • Sainsbury's needs to stop playing hide and seek with the unsalted nuts.

  • Staying in on a Saturday night to catch up on freelance work instead of going to the pub for a birthday celebration makes me feel old and responsible. And, just quietly, quite smug about how much of a dent I made in the mountain of work.

  • Malvern Antiques Fair is filled with things I really, really want. And would buy if I had a wallet the size of Bill Gates'.

  • My former colleague Anita, who has a stall at said fair, is an absolute doll. That's her, and her fiance Gary, pictured below. Props for her superb bartering skills which scored me a kick-ass pair of Bvlgari earrings.

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