Sunday 8 January 2012

A good day

Today the weather turned bi-polar. We've had weeks of treacle-thick heat, of sleepless nights and the air con stuck on 'high'. But today it was back to wind and big, fat raindrops. For the love of baby Jesus, it's almost the middle of January, so why am I busting out the wet weather gear to walk Bristol?

The highlight of the day was a visit from my adorable mate Lil. We worked together years ago and even though she upped sticks to Auckland a few years back, we've stayed in touch. The last time I saw her was 18 months ago, shortly before I moved to the UK, when we sat in a Welly cafe for hours and laughed like drains.

Let's be clear, I ADORE this girl: she's smart, funny, a committed non-breeder and has the best attitude to life ever. She's not long returned to NZ from months of travel and while we drank green tea and munched a berry cake I whipped up, we dissected her plan to spend some time in Spain this year learning the language. Tempted to join her? You bet...

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