Tuesday 10 January 2012

How to turn a sh*te day into a good one

Get your wardrobe guardian angel to send you three care parcels.

It was better than Christmas when I arrived at work to find the latest booty from the UK's Car Boot Queen: one gorgy red coat (so divine I had to take a closeup of the ruffled collar), one quilted black jacket, a stunning grey dress, a black waterfall cardigan and, whisper it quietly, a Diane Von Furstenburg black and tan wrap dress. Seriously. I was almost overcome by the vapors and had to sit very still, drinking green tea and staring into the middle distance for some time.

The second day back at work was even harder than the first, but this mana from heaven (or, Gloucester, actually) turned this little girl's frown upside down.


  1. I am SO happy you love the clothes. I know that you appreciate a good ruffle as much as me! The colour red is Devine and the DVF is an amazing classic. I am glad you are feeling the love which only clothes parcels from heaven can provide, girl after my own heart xx

  2. Indeed...the weatherman tells me its due to rain this weekend so am hoping to dust off the red coat then!
    Much love and gratitude as always..




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