Sunday 29 January 2012

Present wrapping

Found this English sheet music - from the 1921 Royal College of Music Pianoforte Examinations, no less - in a cool vintage store.

Re-purposed it into wrapping paper for the Animator's niece's 21st pressie.

Yes, I am turning into Martha Stewart in my old age (but without the jail time, obvs).


  1. Hey lovely, I popped to the boot of car today only to conclude that chic chelt chicks do not freeze their finest rumps off in what in bloody freezing cold weather. So sorry Hun no clothes to look forward to except the finest cape from oasis xx

    1. Hey doll, no worries at all - hope you didn't freeze your butt off too. Might have to wait till summer, eh?
      Can't wait to see the cape, though




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