Wednesday 25 January 2012

Goodbye old friend

There are things going on in the world - Obama is trying to silence all those nutty Republicans with his State of the Nation address, the European economy continues to melt faster than Arctic ice, and Egypt does some navel gazing a year on from its historic revolution.

However, in my little corner of the globe, the most significant thing that happened today was my Neal's Yard moisturiser finally ran out.

When we lived in Bristol, there was a divine Neal's Yard store a stone's throw from the Slum (if you threw a stone like a shot-putter). Obvs I was drawn to this emporium of loveliness and exchanged many, many pictures of the Queen for creams, potions and general girly-ness.

Sadly, there is no Neal's Yard in NZ and nor do they ship here.

So I shall have to go back to Clinque, with whom I cheated on my first love, Clarins. Alternatively, there's a gorgeous Kiwi brand, Antipodes. I've interviewed the founder/owner for magazines several times over the years and she's as lovely as her organic products are.

Already planning a visit to Neal's Yard when I return to the UK later this year.


  1. Or your shopping buddy could get you some more? Honestly just shout what you need and I'll send it! Along with the other 'beauty' items ;-) plus I will get your two Oasis goodies if still wanted? Xx

  2. You are a doll! But seriously, i think i ask too much of you as it is! Going to re-register with a fantastic website that ships free from HK (did I ever tell you about them?) so will be sorted soon. But yes to Oasis goodies if you are passing/online
    you owe me an email too - want to find out about the work/home situation?




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