Friday 27 January 2012

Mt Vic Vixens

Tonight is the inaugural meeting of the Mt Vic Vixens, an eclectic group of sassy, funny, loud women who all work in PR and who, more through good luck than good management, have found themselves living within a five-minute radius of each other (in the inner-city suburb of Mt Victoria).

There will be wine, chat and gossip galore. Which is exactly what the end of the working week is begging for.

Last night I made this cannellini bean dip, which turns the garlic factor up to 11.

And this red-velvet influenced cake which has so much red wine in it, I won’t be serving it to kids any time soon (because ya’ll know how I’m in the habit of spending time in the company of children). The smell as it baked was so divine I almost clawed off the oven door. It might not look like much but I hope it tastes as good as it smelled...

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