Friday 10 May 2013

Cover photo shoot

Remember late last year we had the photo shoot at our place for an article I wrote for Your Home & Garden Magazine?

Do keep up.

Today we had the cover shoot, with the lovely art director Tanya flying in from Auckland and Wellington-based snapper Nicola returning to capture the elusive cover shot.

Having spent the week doing a slow and torturous dance with the flu, a LOT of warpaint was involved in making me look presentable. Bristol was mostly well behaved - apart from when he nipped the photographer's hand, drawing blood - and I'm hoping the shot of him sitting next to me makes the cover.

Today's pics are of the girls hard at work and a fraction of Nicola's equipment. It was a fun way to spend a Friday but of course the day ran away from me like a crazed horse and I got zero work done.

Guess who will be playing catch up all weekend?


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