Saturday 25 May 2013

Playing Mum

Today, in-between wrangling work, grocery shopping and a trip to the vege market, I was required to play Mum to little Humphrey while his parents had some much needed time-out.

Saying Bristol and Hump adore each other is like saying the Royal Family is a little elitist; but, holy mother of God, they are exhausting. From the moment Humphrey arrived, the pair of them have been jumping over each other, using the downstairs rooms as a circuit and trying to break the land/speed record for climbing stairs.

There was a short nap and then Round II kicked off. It is currently in full flight and, as I type, various bundles of fur are tumbling over my feet and dive-bombing off the bed.

Tomorrow we have a friend from the UK arriving for a few days; the house looks like a tip and after supervising these canine hi-jinks all day, I no longer have the will or the energy to put it to rights. Wine O' Clock cannot come too quickly today.

Some images of the terrors:

Sadly, this was only too fleeting:


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