Saturday 19 July 2014

My hands are famous

You may remember a few months back my hands were used in a photo shoot at the company where I was employed as a copywriter three days a week.

Well here are those hands in action (and my fruit bowl - the shoot was done at my house). I believe this advert is being used for the US market (can't seem to make the image any bigger, so if you want the full Shazzy-has-great-hands experience, you'll have to enlarge it yourself).



  1. SS, that is so cool. Will you have to insure them now?


  2. Ha ha, that's a distinct possibility! When I was in Vienna last month, the French chap on the treadmill next to me was a violinist with the Paris National Opera and wasn't allowed to run outside because his hands were insured for so much. Sadly, am not in the same category! Hope all good with you...


  3. Fancy meeting a French Violinist at the gym! You must have been staying at a lovely hotel!
    Catherine xox



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