Saturday 12 July 2014

Who you least want to hear from on a Friday night

So there I am, tucked up in bed with a cup of chamomile, a book and the glorious 7 Days when I get a call from our tenant.

Turns out the dishwasher in our rental property had lost it, resulting in a flood of Biblical proportions. And the Animator was out. And had the car. And every plumber/carpet dryer worth his or her salt was out on the lash and not answering their phones.

Finally managed to track down a company who promised to come around this morning, which they did. Thanks to a few large fans, the situation seems to be under control. And carpet dude even seemed to think that after he'd waved his magic wand, there should be no stains. Here's hoping.

Aprops of nothing, someone sent me this today (apols for the small print). It made me smile, which I needed after a morning getting my head around the finer points of carpet stain removal.

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