Sunday 13 July 2014

Snakes and ladders

  • Writing half of a particularly turgid commission which has me rolling my eyes at every turn. It's for an overseas magazine and I wish I hadn't agreed to it, but the lure of cold hard cash was too attractive to turn down. I am surprised my eyes haven't permanently lodged in the back of my head.
  • The tenant reports the carpet is now dry. I am too scared to enquire about the stain situation. She also says as she's been running the heater for 24 hours, I may have to contribute to her power bill. Which is fair enough, but holy mother of god, when did I become a walking ATM? Actually, this should be in the 'down' section. 
  • A lovely walk and coffee with our mates/neighbours (does 'around the corner' qualify as neighbours?) Rachel and Neil and their woofer Peggy Sue, whom Bristol adores (she's in the bottom right-hand corner of the pic below). There was much excitement about Neil's new play which, I am thrilled to report, I will be around to see (sadly, I was overseas for his last acting role).

  • Bath and groom time for HRH. He is ever so patient with us. Here he is mid blow-dry:

And afterwards:

  • An inability to say no to something which is going to annoy me all week. Far too tedious to go into but suffice to say, it has set my annoyance register to 11.   
  • Having to get rid of six years of tax and GST crap that was taking up badly needed space. My shredder overfloweth.
  • No time to go for a run. Will have to defer it to tomorrow night when it's supposed to rain like buggery.   

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