Wednesday 9 July 2014

Too smart for kids?

This month's North & South Magazine runs a cover story on why some of NZ's smartest women aren't rushing to breed - and asks if we need to be concerned.

The editor asked me to contribute a 900 word piece to this feature about my reasons for not sprogging. You can either read the entire piece here or click here to skip to my bit of it.

Illustrating my story is this lovely pic that the Animator took atop Mt Victoria.

   And here's this month's N&S Mag cover


  1. Hi Sharon

    I loved your essay in this North & South magazine. My partner and I are non-breeders, and despite the comments in the N&S article suggesting that such a decision is more socially acceptable when you are a male, I still find myself very much out on the fringe. You analogy re: being the only sober one at a party full of drunk people is bang on!

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your perspective. Great to know there are others out there who think and feel the same way.


  2. Hey Jamie, thanks for your kind comments. And great to know there are others in "my gang". As you know, sometimes it feels like you're the sole voice in the wildnerness...sigh! Anyway, I'm sure the lovely dep editor of N&S, Jo Wane, would love you to send your comments in, either as a letter to the editor or to their FB page - here's the link

    Many thanks


  3. To actually have put in so much thought about this makes you the MOST unselfish.
    The irony though is that you would make the best mother!

  4. Thanks for saying that hon. But it's not for me and play to your strengths, I always say. I do, however, bow down to fabulous women like you who are doing such a fantastic job raising the next generation of Kiwis. Bravo!



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