Thursday 9 October 2014


As I type a shaft of sunshine is coming through the skylight, making me want to curl up in it and take a nap.

It has been a busy two days. Yesterday morning I spent a good two hours interviewing one of New Zealand's leading TV journalists for a magazine profile. He was good fun and intensely bright. And, of course, one of life's natural blatherers. That meant we only got though about half of my questions before he had to rush off and meet his deadline for the 6.00pm news. Next Tuesday I am shadowing him around Parliament and then we'll need to find another time to finish the rest of the interview.

Last night was the running group, which tackled the nasty incline that seems to last an eternity. But I made it, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Today, my second working from home day, was spent in a flurry of interviews and stories written and filed. I have also started in on the next lot of review books. What I want to know is why those sciencey type blokes can't figure out how to give us an extra few hours in the day?

And yes, I have come late to this, but today's visuals are the remarkable photos of American snapper Seth Casteel of  Underwater Puppies fame, the follow up his earlier book Underwater Dogs. Adorable.



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