Sunday 12 October 2014

Random photos of fairy bread

I neglected to share photos from Friday's fairy-bread sess at work - apparently a Canadian colleague had never heard of this nutritionally-deficient Kiwi childhood party staple. So the whole comms team treated her to the white-bread-and-butter-hundreds-and-thousands mash-up which tastes as disgusting as it sounds.

I managed to abstain, given the fact I am now firmly back into the running groove (three runs completed last week, go me) and didn't need this white bread shite (who, apart from elderly father, even eats white bread any more?!) to be messing with my get-fit-for-summer thing.

But others in the team reported an enjoyable stroll down memory lane.

Yesterday, being the responsible citizens we are, we went along to the Council's Open Day about the Town Belt Master Plan. A whole raft of issues are on the table, but key among our concerns is the separation of paths for pedestrians and those pesky mountain bikers who think it's their duty to mow down anyone smaller, older or not on a bike. They are, frankly, a goddam menace and one old chap at the open day told me he is terrified to take his grandchildren into the Town Belt because of the bikers. This is only the first round of consultation but here's hoping something good comes out of it so it's safer for all of us.

Speaking of the Town Belt, here's a pic of His Highness half an hour ago up there - chilling in the glorious sunshine.


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