Tuesday 30 June 2015

A frantic day

Today was spent running from meeting to meeting. But now I have lots of lovely stuff to write the shizzle out of. Plus there were two more juicy commissions from publications I've never scribbled for before, so that was much appreciated. Now I just need to lash myself to my desk and focus.

Late this afternoon there was an interview and photo-shoot with the lovely Miranda Harcourt for a woman's mag. Today's visuals are of the make-up artist and photographer hard at work. And the view from Miranda's house is outstanding. This is the fourth time I've interviewed Miranda at her whare and I never stop marvelling at the outlook, where you could almost reach out and touch a plane if you were so inclined.

A fun afternoon and a reminder, as if I needed one, why I've chosen to freelance instead of spending all my waking hours locked in a turgid corporate office.

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