Monday 1 June 2015


Oh I had such grand plans for today - a public holiday in NZ (thanks, Queenie!) I would rise early, finish unpacking, put on another load of washing and then lash myself to my desk to sort out overdue invoicing, send emails and finish a couple of stories. Oh and of course take the Baby Doggy for a walk or two.

Instead, squeezed by the vicious fist of jet-lag, we awoke at 3.00am, ready to go. And then subsequently slept in until 1.00pm! But it is good to be home and to see the furry one who was ably looked after by his grandparents. Now I just have to sort out the millions of stories from the trip and we should be fine....

Back to work tomorrow, oy vey...

Today's visual is, what else, but this wee cutie.


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