Thursday 18 June 2015

How cool are these?

As a travel writer, I travel to, duh, write.

I also travel to shop, considering it a crime if, while I'm in some exotic locale, I don't help prop up the local economy with as much retail therapy as possible.

Tonight the Animator finally pulled finger and hung a few cherished items we bought in India. The anatomical poster, which features a cross section of an ear and is in both Hindi and English, now hangs in our living room. It was found in the COOLEST ever shop in Hauz Kaus, a chi chi enclave of shops in one of Delhi's most affluent suburbs. Now I am kicking myself for not bringing back more, as a friend who runs a vintage shop in Welli said he could have sold them 10 times over.

After much agitation, we also finally found a home for two Indian puppets we bought in a dusty scrap of a shop down a forlorn alleyway in Jaipur. I ADORE these puppets (which seem to be largely constructed from old saris) and although we spent an age trying to find the best spot for them, I am super pleased with their final resting place.

These are the things that made Shazzy happy today.


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