Friday 5 June 2015


As I type this, the internet tells me its nine degrees outside. Nine degrees? That's not a temperature, that's a shoe size! My poor body doesn't know what's hit it, going from last week's 44 degree heatwave in Delhi to this.

Thankfully I am tucked up inside with lashings of green tea, good music and so many layers of clothing I could be a ring-in for the Michelin Man.

This morning, I caught up with a couple of friends and aside from a chilly dog walk, have spent a good wedge of the day writing the shizzle out of a story for NEXT Magazine.

Today's visual is this gorgeous pic from Tumblr - I love the way the dog is posing, as if to say "You may brush me, but only on this side".    

Have a good weekend y'all and keep warm and dry.

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