Friday 19 June 2015

A Very Good Day

Despite weather that was determined to wring every drop of water out of the sky, today was a pretty bloody good one.

This morning there was an interview for a national magazine with three amazing women - which ended with the make-up artist and myself holding umbrellas over them as the photographer shot it.

Then it was back to my desk to attempt an assault on work mountain - with a couple of welcome interruptions, both from peeps requesting my services. My current three-day-a-week contract is coming to an end and I have been casting about for something a little more, well, me. The two offers today look as they might fit the bill perfectly. Thank you, universe.

Today's visual is of this cute wee poppet, because a day without a dog in it is a day very much wasted (incidentally, this woofer looks as though I feel, in need of a cashmere-soft rug to ward off the elements).

Happy weekend, y'all....


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