Wednesday 28 October 2015


While on a lunch-time dash to get some Euros today I ran into a friend who asked where I was going.

Bologna, I said, for an Emirates media famil. For a week.

"But you haven't mentioned anything about it on your blog," she said.

She's right. I've been so busy trying to sort out stuff from the last media trip three weeks ago to the US, I haven't sorted anything for the next one on Monday.

So yes, I am going to Bologna, Italy's seventh most populous city, for a week with those lovely folk from Emirates. We also have a night in Dubai, where I was in April. I will, hopefully, be catching up with one of the women I interviewed for Urbis Magazine back then.

And then we fly to Bologna and a week of flash Italian cars, cooking schools, food, wine and, hopefully, shopping.

And hate me all you want, but there will be business class and Emirates lounges and luxury designed for someone far more posh than me.

There will also be photos.



  1. Go you! Gosh this has been a busy year for you! But lucky you. I spent some time in Bologna a few years back - the most gorgeous place. Travel safe and look forward to reading your stories from there. Ciao bella!


  2. Thanks lovely. Has been a while since I was last in Italy so looking forward to reacquainting myself. Ciao indeed! Ssx

  3. Super envious today as you are no doubt in Business/First Class sipping champagne, putting your feet up and watching a great movie! Have great (and safe) trip, Catherine



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