Monday 26 October 2015

Long weekend

Labour Day is an annual holiday held around the globe at different times of the year to celebrate the achievements of workers.

So how did we choose to spend Labour Day 2015? With a shed load of hard yakka, of course.
The Animator devoted most of his three-day weekend to the bach garden, weeding and mulching and basically being a good homeowner.

I, on the other hand, spent most of it lashed to the laptop doing the third of seven stories from the recent USA media trip.

We did, however, get to down tools: our neighbours came over Saturday afternoon for a drink and ended up leaving five hours later. But it was lovely to sit in the glorious sunshine, drink cold white wine and catch up.

Sunday night we had our first barbie of the season at our friends' Jo and Jonathan's bach about two streets away from us. There was gin and bubbles in the sunshine and all manner of food and fun.

Today, back in Welli, we fired up our barbie and greedily gobbled down the first asparagus of the season. Summer, you are so close we can almost reach out and touch you.

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