Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Farewell to summer

Just days ago, this freakisly large sunflower, which lives a few doors down from me, stood proud and tall, turning its face to the sun and adding a pop of colour to an otherwise nondescript Clifton street.

But, alas, Summer has ticked over to Autumn and the switch has been flicked: there's dew on the windscreen each morning, the leaves are disappearing and daylight seems inclined to put on its pyjamas by 7.00pm. And the genetically modified sunflower is about to commit hari-kari.

Summer… you were good to me. I miss you already and look forward to seeing you again next year. It might be back in NZ or it might be here. Who knows? Either way, me and my sunhat will be ready and waiting.

Autumn… welcome. I am very excited for your arrival as you come bearing gifts of yummy soup, thick tights and Green & Black's hot chocolate. We can now start filling our diaries with things such as ice skating under the stars, bonfire night parties and weekends spent on the couch with a good book, DVDs and a glass of something red.

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