Saturday 14 July 2012


Every day is a series of small moments. Some whiz by so fast they barely register, while others remain forever fused to one's brain stem, to be taken out and polished at random times.

Today's moments included a dog walk in the rain, a visit from our accountant with unexpected good news (in your eye, tax man!), the drafting of a pitch for a travel junket (fingers crossed), a random conversation with a chap in the drycleaners, the writing of a couple of troublesome freelance pieces and the reassuring warmth of comfort food.

All pretty unspectacular things but sometimes it's good to stop and reflect on these small, seemingly insignificant moments that stitch together a whole day.

If you thought I would offer visuals of the day, you made the incorrect assumption that I would remember to cart my phone around with me. What I can show is the beloved canine, fluffy after getting soaked, working a mohawk Sid Vicious would be proud of.

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