Monday 9 July 2012

The Oscar for cool goes to...

It was only a month ago, but it feels like ages, that we were strolling the streets of San Francisco.

One day, while mooching around the eternally funky Castro district the Animator was drawn into a menswear shop by his usual obsession, sneakers.

Expecting the usual scenario of him drooling for 20 minutes and me losing the will to live, I was instead knocked out by the store's artwork. The chap behind the counter kindly wrote down the photographer's name and I have just spent 20 minutes doing my own drooling.

Audrey Heller takes miniature figurines and transposes them onto everyday objects. Below are some of her works and a link to her website.

The Animator, in his role as Minister of Finance, has us on somewhat of an austerity budget, given that we soon want to reduce our hours in the daily trenches to focus on other things. But I am very, very, very, very, very tempted to splash out on one of these. The problem is, I can't settle on one because I love them all....


(Audrey Heller photos)

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