Tuesday 24 July 2012

Small steps

Today loitered somewhere on the pointy end of the restless spectrum; things are afoot, some welcome, some not, and nothing seems to be happening as quickly I'd like.

Needing to burn off energy after work, instead of taking Bristol for his usual walk I chucked on my running shoes and we hit the streets. And he was magnificent. His previous owners may well have taken him running  because he knew exactly how to keep pace without dragging me or lagging behind. And, for once, he didn't feel it was his duty to pee on every single blade of grass in Mt Victoria. After we got home, he looked at me as if to say 'Why didn't you take me running with you months ago?'

I may not be solving the Euro crisis, or changing ridiculous gun laws or finding the cure for cancer but, by God, that 20 minutes I spent trotting next to my sweet little dog tonight made pretty much everything in my universe okay.


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