Sunday 29 July 2012

Today was made of....

  • Sunshine. After days of cold and rain, to have the golden orb smile upon us not one but TWO days in a row was a welcome change.
  • A much needed sleep in
  • Showing our rental property to prospective tenants as the lovely incumbents move on in a few weeks 
  • A long overdue cull of my three wardrobes into keep, sell and donate piles, and
  • The butt-sniffing Olympics, aka a gathering of the cutest little dogs you have ever seen in your life on Worser Bay Beach, organised by Digby's humans (check out Digby's cool blog here). Bristol was BESIDE himself with joy. As I type this, he is crashed out at my feet. I don't believe he will be surfacing for at least three days.


  1. We love the photos! We have a few posted on the Facebook page here:

    We're hoping to have another at 12:30pm this Sunday, same place, but maybe further down the beach. Hopefully the weather is okay but I'm not holding my breath! Will let you know whether it's on when we get closer to the weekend :)

    Also if you don't manage to rent your house we may be interested if you allow pets. Can't move in for a month or so though (and don't even know if we are moving yet). Just putting it out there!

  2. LOVE those photos and so good to see you guys tonight on our respective walks.

    Sadly, there isn't any outdoor area at all in the apartment - would be terrible for poor Digby so probably not suitable. But hope you manage to stay in the hood.


    1. No prob! We're on "eyes open" mode at the moment and there's a lot of suitable places around.

      Glad to see you guys on walks too - Digby doesn't meet many dogs in winter so he loves it :)



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