Sunday 1 July 2012

And ode to the Car Boot Queen

Not an ode in the poetic sense, obvs, because I'm not that way inclined.

More a 'my beautiful, gifted, bargain hunting magpie friend' strikes again, with the arrival of three more parcels of goodness from the UK.

I'm afraid this glorious receiving of surprise packages may need to end soon because, and here's a phrase I never thought I'd type, I have too many clothes. Even after taking stuff to a local consignment store, my three wardrobes are still overflowing. And when I do snag the three-day a week gig, I won't need so many clothes.

But in the meantime, the Car Boot Queen has triumphed yet again. I am sooo in love with that blue Topshop coat and its sweet little peplum, I want to frame it, rather than wear it.



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