Saturday 30 June 2012

Last day

It was with a heavy heart that I finished the PR gig yesterday. Am unsure as to where the last seven and a half months have gone but it's been the nicest contract in a long time with lovely peeps and, most importantly, lots of laughs along the way. In honour of my love of clothes, shoes and handbags, the team had a Shaz in the City day where we dusted off our inner fashionistas; which was really code for 'wear whatever the hell you like'. Good times.

Monday I start a new short-term contract and hopefully after that there will be the much longed for three-day-a-week day role because with the freelancing and corporate writing I've recently picked up, every second of my waking hours is currently timetabled. I am scheduling some me-time on Thursday from 6.30-7.00pm. If you need me then, I will be lying in a heap in the corner.

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