Sunday 24 June 2012

Things to be thankful for today

Pollyanna seems to have taken a shine to my postcode and, it appears, will not be moved.

So, in the continuing spirit of the 'grateful game' (remember the book?) here's what I'm giving alms for today:

The Sunday Magazine ran my profile of the very smart and talented jeweller Claire Prebble

A fun dinner party we had last night for a couple of the Animator's colleagues who've returned home after three years away (two of those in tropical Singapore). I might be out on a very long limb here but I'm guessing they're finding the Welly winter a little harsh. Bonus: leftover fish curry means there's no need to cook for the next few nights which is fortunate as I'm out for a good chunk of both of them.

The sun figured out what it was supposed to be doing and we rugged up and walked not only to the farmer's market but, later, up into the town belt where Bristol made friends with an exceedingly furry dog.

I finished a commissioned magazine article A WEEK EARLY! Sorry about the gratuituous use of caps but July's dance card is stupidly full, so to knock a piece off before deadline is the editorial equivalent of finding a 100 dollar note down the back of the sofa.

Managed to get in a run and some yoga - long, long overdue.

A piece of VERY good news (sorry, the caps police will be coming to arrest me shortly) about a contract. Details to follow.

And, sorry to end on a sour note, but one thing that displeased Shazzy greatly today was the great piece-of-paper hunt for tax purposes. Given I've been with my lovely accountant for eons, I'm not sure why this year has been so friggin difficult. I am forever being asked to provide this invoice or that statement or asked who deposited that sum into my bank account back in October or where is xxxxxx.....?? When I have located the will to live, I will try and figure out what the hell she's talking about...

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