Sunday 17 June 2012

New writing gig

Today I did my first interview for a new interiors magazine, Homestyle.

It was an old villa in Island Bay, owned by a marketing manager I've previously worked with, who has spent her life 'selling' NZ from places such as India, London and Dubai. No surprise, then, that her home was  filled with all manner of cool stuff picked up overseas. As the afternoon wore on and wedges of her home-made banana cake disappeared, we laughed, compared travel stories and I got sufficient notes to write a 1,000 word piece.

Later, because there are few things that don't taste better when tucked under a buttery, oaty blanket, I turned the stash of persimmons from this morning's farmer's market into a persimmon and apple crumble (pic below is pre-baking). Just the thing for a cold Sunday night.


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