Saturday 2 June 2012

Friday in Noe Valley

Today was all about the canines and a cross-town drive to Ocean Beach. Sadly, San Francisco's infamous fog hadn't burned off yet, so it was pretty grey and windy. But you could do worse than to find yourself with  three dogs, golden sand and unlimited time.

Back home, I tried to ignore the fingers of sun filtering through the blinds and cracked on with some work while the Animator sunbathed on the deck. By 1.00pm I gave up all pretence at writing anything meaningful, so we walked to the Castro and the divine Cafe Flore where we filled our bellies with this enormous plate of huevos rancheros, a joy eclipsed only by the Animator's attempts to pronounce it.

This is the view from our deck; it's how downtown San Francisco looked five minutes ago. Pretty stunning, eh?

And because we all need something beautiful to gaze upon, here's Ms Molly who is currently lying at my feet, snoring gently and dreaming of chasing rabbits.

Completing the whanau on this warm Friday evening are Molly's two siblings, Higgins and Huka.

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