Thursday 14 June 2012

Trouble in paradise

This is what getting out of bed on the wrong side looks like when you're of the canine persuasion.

Bristol's adored squeaky toy (manky orange object that defies classification) has stopped squeaking. The Animator and I are delighted; the hound, not so much. Tonight there has been a lot of half-hearted lying about and deep sighs; you'd think we'd told him he was going back to the pound.

But when life takes away with one a fabulous woman I've previously profiled and done some PR work for who makes the most adorable clothing and accessories for dogs got in touch after an absence of almost a year. Which was lovely in itself but she made the comment that Brizzle looked a little cold on his blog so offered to send him a warm sweater - and me a matching beanie - to see us through these grim meteorological times. How sweet is that?

Another unexpected email that made an otherwise blah day brighter was from a UK magazine asking if I'd be interested in writing a feature for them. Duh, is David Beckham interested in tattoos?! We're still nutting out the logistics/details, but here's to random emails...       

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