Thursday 7 June 2012

A random selection of things I've seen/heard in the past few days

  • Bizarre conversation overheard during the food walking tour of The Mission: "I keep putting babies in her and she keeps getting rid of them".
  • Homeless guy in Haight Ashbury yelling at a rubbish bin: "You and me need to sort this issue out and I dunno about you, but I ain't got all day".
  • TV newsreader covering the French Open: "He was 'bageled' by his opponent".
  • Two staff in a downtown H&M store comparing tattoos: "I woke up one morning and there were these words tattooed across my forearms. I have no memory of requesting the words or getting them at all".
  • Two cute little girls selling lemonade from outside their house in 23rd Street; just like in the movies.
  • Signs held by panhandlers in the Haight: "Why lie? It's for beer" and the slightly dodgier, "Out of work bank robber. Need money to buy guns".
  • A chap at a dinner we were invited to on Monday night, telling us about a meal for an old friend he hadn't seen for years: "She turned up and her husband was wearing a dress and makeup. Not a word was said about it all night and I was too polite to ask".
  • The same chap recommended this O for Awesome ice cream pop-up store in Hayes Valley we visited today. It's all made to order, out of liquid nitrogen, and is like an orgasm in the mouth. Shortly after taking this photo, the Animator asked if it would be impolite to lick the cup. It's that good.    

And no day in San Francisco would be complete without a photo of Her Highness...


  1. Haha hilarious!! What a lovely way to end the day xx

  2. Yes indeed - life in the big city!




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