Saturday 23 June 2012


This is what my world looked like at 8.30am today. It may appear as though the Animator has waved his magical 3D wand over this photo but, I assure you, he has not.

I know it's a bit Pollyanna-ish to wax lyrical about the place that you live, but oh I am loving being back in the 04. Yes, the weather is shite (it is winter, afterall) and it takes days to fly anywhere of interest but there are few people to ruin the view (we were the only ones atop the Mt Vic lookout this morning), the economy is one that the poor Greeks and Spaniards can only dream of and, in my field at least, there still seems to be plenty of work. Plus, I get to own a house I could never afford in other, more densely populated parts of the planet.

Most importantly, I have stewardship of this furry little angel. Don't mean to sound smug or owt, but today life is good.  

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