Sunday, 30 September 2012

10 questions I asked myself today

1) How long can I put off doing my GST before the tax man hunts me down and bludgeons me with the nightstick of compliance?

2) If it's spring, why does the southerly feel like it's coming straight off the Arctic Shelf? (Answer: because it probably bloody is).

3) On how many levels is it wrong to eat last night's dinner party cake for breakfast?

4) Where the feck has September gone?

5) Can I get through another week of doing three jobs without completely losing my shit?

6) Why is the tops to trousers/skirts ratio in my wardrobe so out of whack?

7) Who or what will lead me to contemplate homicide this week?

8) Is it acceptable to leave the house without a skerrick of makeup? Even if I'm just walking the dog?

9) How can my entire collection of teapots have disappeared? Actually, collection is too strong a word, but before I went to the UK I recall having two or three simple white teapots. Now there are none except my flash Ikea one, which is more decorative than functional.

10) Whose idea was it to fiddle with time? Yes, yes, yes, it's all very well to have oodles of light at the rump end of the day but is an hour's less sleep compensation enough?

(Pic Credit: Google Images)

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