Sunday, 16 September 2012

One year

A year ago today we went unconditional on the fourth house we've ever bought.

This time last year, I wrote with excitement about the challenge of renovating the four-bedroom, two bathroom Mt Vic villa (post here).

Twelve months down the track, we have done all we need to and this place is now truly our home.

Do I love it? Do I heck. But then there are many things to gush about:
  • how light, airy and bright it is, even on the grimmest winter day
  • how all our furniture and UK collectables blended in seamlessly
  • the distinct vision we had for this house that we never wavered from
  • how close it is to the city, so I can walk everywhere; sometimes whole weeks go by where I don't set foot in our car
  • how, even thought it's only been a year, it feels as comfy as a beloved old cardigan.
This house is, in fact, in danger of turning us into hermits. Come the weekend and all we want to do is pull the drawbridge up behind us (metaphorically speaking, we don't actually have a drawbridge although how cool would that be?) and relax in our wee haven. 

Which isn't that good for a lifestyle journalist (numerous Welly bars and cafes may have come and gone without me noticing) but I'd rather be tucked up cosily at home with my two favourite boys than out on the lash. Still, as a very wise women I interviewed this week for a NEXT Magazine article said to me, "Everything happens for a reason and when you're ready to accept it". Having moved several rungs down the slum ladder with our last place in Bristol, I was more than ready to live somewhere beautiful. 

Regular readers will know that the last year has, at times, been pretty tough; but we made it and for that I remain ever grateful. Of course, the biggest shout-out has to go to the Animator for his dedication and skill in making this a reality. Am pleased we get to showcase his hard work in Your Home & Garden Magazine soon (photoshoot in November). 

Some during/after reno pics below: 



  1. Hey GF, it looks fantastic!

    He's a clever wee boy, your bloke, isn't he?Dont forget to save me a bed when I come over. And defo post your house story on the blog when it comes out


  2. Awww thanks sweets! Yes to clever bloke and yes to a bed with your name on it.




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