Thursday 7 August 2014


I am not referring to last night's mid-week running group meet - which I attended but couldn't partake of the pub sess afterwards as I had a deadline to meet (how sad am I?) - but rather today's state of play.

There was the usual six-monthly treatment/straightening marathon at the hairdressers, a visit to my clothing woman, an appointment at the bank and a meeting with my accountant. The latter though was fun - we drank whiskey and gossiped (this is the woman who always signs off her phone calls and emails to me with 'love you'. How many people get that from their accountants?!)

There was a quick dog walk and tonight we are going to see this photographic presso with National Geographic underwater photographer David Doubilet, courtesy of the kind folks at Adventure World, who I am currently organising an exciting media trip with later this year. And some work when I get home.

Can someone please tell me how to find another hour in the day?

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