Tuesday 19 August 2014

A wedding

So I didn't make it to the actual wedding ceremony - at the top of Mt Vic - yesterday arvo as I had to work but I did get to the reception of my running group buddies, Brent and Ewa.

Sadly, because it was a school night, I had to be boring and leave before the dancing and general naughtiness began. And although it was odd to see my running mates wearing something other than lycra and sweat, we had a lovely time.

Tomorrow, at stupidly-early-o-clock, I fly to Melbourne for two nights; see you on the other side.

And here's the happy couple...when you run as much as they do, you can afford to have a wedding cake made entirely out of miniature pavlovas.


  1. For a wedding however, I would think this place is a bit small, and that it's best to have 150 or fewer guests. I really can't say enough about the view though.

  2. oh we all managed to fit in easily and it was a lot of fun. And you're right, the view is spectacular!



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