Sunday 31 August 2014

A carnival of calories/early morning flight

Yesterday we ate and drank our bodyweight on a fabulous Aloha Food Tour through Honolulu's Chinatown.

There was delicious vegetarian pho and mung-bean felafal, an authentic New York pizza from a Jersey expat who could have been Tony Soprano's younger, better looking brother, Korean BBQ (tofu, in our case), crispy Thai garlic shrimp the size of my fist and, to finish, a slab of mint chocolate cheesecake that is going to take a month of running group to work off. Sadly all the pics are on the Animator's flash camera (and he is shooting raw files for my stories, so none of those are available yet).

Later, as if we needed any more calories, the PR organised for us to visit Eat the Street, Oahu's monthly collection of food trucks. The sun shone, people were in high spirits - in part because it's a long weekend in the US - and we drank mimosas and pale ale, rocked out to Bob Marley and enjoyed the cool island vibe.

This morning featured another stupidly early start - for the schlep out to the airport and the 45 minute flight to Hilo. We picked up the rental car (the Animator insisted on a look-at-me bright red convertible Mustang - you can take the boy out of the Hutt, etc) and, remembering to drive on the 'other' side of the road, we headed to the Hilo farmers market (pix below) and then onto the Volcanic National Park which is home for the next two nights. Apparently one of the volcanoes is having a bit of a moment so we shall go investigate. Stand by for a full report tomorrow.

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